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Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Self Help, Self Harm, Addiction, Diet/Fitness, Eating Disorders, Sport.


The Thoughtstopper was developed in 2005, after i suffered a complete nervous breakdown, after a serious RTA, whilst serving on active duty in HM Royal Navy. I was in hospital for nearly 11 months suffering from spinal and head injuries, including 8 months spent in The Priory Hospital Bristol, suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and Self Harm. My journey to recovery was not easy, and even today i still struggle after coming so far, knowing that any knock back in life can so easily put me back into a very dark place. However i know, that the strongest people suffer with mental health issues, only a strong person could battle such an illness and an invisible illness at that. Those that suffer know all too well, at any point we could be moments away from our dark cloud as i call it, we protect ourselves and put a shield around us, only letting a trusted few enter. We dont all have the support we need, and our closest friends and family can sometimes find it hard to cope with, an illness that so few still understand, However with the right support, guidance and self belief, you can turn your life around. Sometimes the illness you suffer will never go away, but over time you learn how to manage it, and with help find your own coping strategies in a world that can at any point throw the most unimaginable circumstances at your door, I call it the final straw that broke the camels back.. We are all human, and sadly due to the stigma that surrounds mental health issues, makes it very hard for the suffer to come forward, the biggest bravest part is admitting you need help, and often you will be the last person to realise this. Over come this hurdle and you are half way there.

This little band has helped me so much in tough times, and if it can help even a handful of sufferers, my time in The Priory and what i went through, during and after my medical discharge from the Royal Navy was not a bad thing , as i feel something positive , came out of the darkest time of my life.

Hannah Walker

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