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Mental Health Conditions


PTSD is normally associated with war veterans or members of the armed forces, who have endured and witnessed horrific scenes during combat situations. It was fist discovered in the USA when veterans returned from the Vietnam war. However it can be caused by any life threatening situation or when you have witnessed scenes of an unimaginable nature.

Self Harm.....

Is a coping strategy used by many suffers who have endured horrific life circumstances, eg sexual abuse, violence. It is often used as a way to block out intruding thoughts that consume our mind.  


can be a exhausting and tiring condition to have, you can't switch off, or stop thinking about things, thoughts whirling around in your mind, it causes eating disruptions , sleeping problems. Fight or Flight, with a constant knott in your stomach, often triggered by periods of worry or doubt.


is a dark place to be in and can often be confused with other conditions, it is a bottomless feeling of despair a dark place, with no light at the end of the tunnel. Constant low mood, tear fullness, anger, just basically wanting to give up on life.

Eating Disorders....

Come in many different forms , anorexia, bulimia.. The sufferer feels what they eat is the one thing that they can control, in a world that has let them down. it is very common in young girls and adolescent men, going through to adulthood.